Reasons Why Chinese Students Seek Extra English Language Training

by: | April 26, 2016

Within higher education, creating challenging environments is a must, and in order for internationals students to participate, their command of a foreign language is a necessity. Even more than a […]

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Is an International Applicant the Right or “Best” Fit for your High School?

by: | April 21, 2016

When it comes to international students coming to study in the U.S., there are a myriad of topics to think about. When it’s a student searching for the right high school, factors like location, […]

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College Admissions Statistics for KnowledgeLink Branch Campuses in China

by: | April 19, 2016

KnowledgeLink, a sister company of The Cambridge Network, has released college admissions statistics for students graduating from St. Mary’s branch campuses in China. The 104 graduating students […]

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4 Cambridge Partners with Great International Student Sections on Their Websites

by: | April 12, 2016

Whether schools are looking to develop a new international student program, or ramp up international recruitment for an existing program, it’s important to consider touch-points that international […]

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College Advance Supports Cambridge Students’ College Dreams

by: | April 5, 2016

Recently, a Cambridge Network student was accepted to the college of her dreams – the prestigious California College of the Arts in Oakland, California. After working closely with Nioucha Banna, […]

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Employee Spotlight: Nioucha Banna, College Advance Lead Instructor

by: |

Nioucha Banna, College Advance Lead Instructor, is a certified TEFL teacher who who holds a Master’s in Critical Studies in Media and Communication from the European Graduate School in […]

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