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Life in the U.S. 101: Topics to Cover During International Student Orientation

by: | August 12, 2016

Note: Many of the tips and suggestions in this blog post pertain to schools that are not partnered with The Cambridge Institute to manage their international student program. Many of the activities […]

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Topics Covered During Cambridge’s In-Country Orientation

by: | August 5, 2016

Each year, Cambridge holds In-Country Orientation (ICO) sessions in major cities throughout our students' home countries. A major goal of Cambridge's In-Country Orientation each year is to properly […]

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How to Approach Religion with International Students from China

by: | August 3, 2016

Religion can be a sensitive topic for schools, host families and students, and should be addressed thoughtfully during orientation. Host families and schools should be aware that many international […]

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Communication Differences That Your East Asian Students Will Experience in America

by: | August 2, 2016

Communication differences are a powerful barrier for most students from East Asia, especially in their first year studying in the United States. Students generally do not adjust to American […]

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