January 10, 2018

Highlights of 2017 – Heralding a Bright Future

Every year holds its own significance, its lessons and rewards. A look back at 2017 reflects a year full of change and renewal. By now, winter has set in firmly, but diligent plans are already set to fulfill their purpose. With careful preparations from past seasons now reaping benefits, 2018 is showing positive promise.

Zoom in to Cambridge Network. From Chengdu to Massachusetts, the wins are none too few! Two of China’s top agencies, New Oriental and EIC, have already upgraded Cambridge to their highest rating, a strong A+, ranking us well above our competitors in the field. In fact, we are the only U.S. firm to earn these major agencies’ A+ grade. What made the difference?

FEA Role

In early 2017, we introduced the new role of Family Education Advisor, or FEA. This new structure of our bilingual FEAs paired with our Support Services Coordinators—SSCs– permitted natural families and agents abroad more direct access to those who care constantly for their children here in the US, enhancing family contact and close, essential communication.

Open Host Inventory System

In November 2017, we initiated the Open Host Inventory concept, which allows natural parents and students to view all available hosts in chosen areas, and to make their own top selections from an optimal pool. This effort increased parent satisfaction prior to their students’ departure to the US, and fortified our agency relationships.

School Marketing Ring Strategy

Early fall 2017 marked the implementation of our innovative Ring Strategy for school marketing and development. Based on strong business intelligence and informed analysis of International Secondary Education market trends, the Ring Strategy empowers staff at all levels to harness our vast company and community resources, and realize the tremendous growth and expansion potential within each region. Our related training materials have even been adopted by the agencies themselves as powerful tools, paving the way for unparalleled success!

Based on these breakthroughs and other achievements of 2017, not only agencies, but our other stakeholders as well, continue to rate Cambridge Network consistently higher each quarter. Our 2018 FY Q1 surveys of students and their parents reflect an increased overall NPS–Net Promoter Score– of +17, an 11-point gain over last year, at double the response rate. Why? Our new processes align closely with our company core values, especially with our commitment to be #1 in customer satisfaction, and the news is making tracks!

Cambridge Network is going places, it’s true, and we cannot get there without our member schools. As 2018 takes off, we are thankful for the freedom to pursue our mission, and to strive together to foster student success across the globe. Together, we help students worldwide learn to realize their dreams, and to always reach for the stars. Thank you for letting us work to educate tomorrow’s leaders with you!

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