February 16, 2017

Cambridge Regional Summit: Need Your Feedback!

Here at Cambridge Network, we strive to create opportunities to provide our partners with supplemental resources in order to help better convey our company’s mission statement: “Expanding Human Perspectives and World Harmony Through Education.” Our previous Cambridge Summit consisted of over thirty registered school administrators and eleven external speakers – a huge success for all who attended! Presentations allowed guests to explore content from new angles and develop a shift in their perspective.

We are hoping to be able to provide a similar opportunity within the next year, where our guests can expect to learn more about market trends and the transformation of the international market via guest speakers, information booths, and discussions with educational leaders. The event will ideally take place in Boston providing attendees the opportunity to learn more about the services provided by Cambridge Network, as well as the chance to meet with some of the industry’s leading educational professionals. Guests will be able to learn more about the processes of fostering an international student’s education, as well as the various services provided by Cambridge Network that encourage cultural growth and promote educational benefits. Guests will be welcome to attend a social reception after the workshop is finished, too.

In order to better understand what you hope to gain from another Cambridge Summit, we have created a short online survey that will help us determine when to hold the event, how many guests will be attending, and which themes will require the most focus during the workshop. Please click here to complete our brief survey which will be used to create our event program.

Many thanks for your feedback, and we look forward sharing venue details with you and your team!



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