How to Prepare for International Student Interviews

by: | February 16, 2017

  The interview with your international student is likely to be the most important and informative part of the student’s application process. And just as the student will be preparing […]

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Interviewing International and Exchange Students: Why It’s Crucial

by: | February 8, 2017

With transcripts, recommendations, essays, and test scores available, it almost seems unnecessary to interview potential students anymore. But when it comes to potential international […]

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Why You Need an International Section on Your Website

by: | January 11, 2017

It used to be that you could rely on in-person, on-campus experiences to help students understand and appreciate your school and what it has to offer. But with international students, those […]

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School Partners Travel to China with Cambridge Network

by: | December 28, 2016

The Cambridge Network along with some of our school partners recently returned from another marketing and recruitment trip to China. The group visited a handful of top-tier cities where there are […]

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Global Expansion – Barriers to Diversifying International Programs

by: | November 22, 2016

Most schools within the Cambridge Network have made it a priority to focus on diversification of the student body, in both domestic and international terms. Globalization is all around us and thanks […]

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Background on English Language “Cram Schools” in East Asia

by: | June 21, 2016

The Cambridge Institute supports the educational dreams of international high school students throughout the country. However, we understand that we play a small role in the international educational […]

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