Interviewing International and Exchange Students: FAQs for Schools

by: | March 22, 2017

FAQs About Interviewing International and Exchange Students When you’re interviewing international students, it’s natural to have questions. The following are the most common questions we’re […]

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Sample Questions for International and Exchange Student Interviews

by: | March 6, 2017

  The first part of your interview should involve simpler, more common questions to help students get their footing and build their confidence. Here are a several examples in a few different […]

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9 Tips for Speaking with International and Exchange Students

by: | March 1, 2017

When interviewing a potential international student, it can be easy to forget just how challenging English is to speak and understand. Many international students may have learned English only from […]

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How to Interview International and Exchange Students

by: | February 22, 2017

As we’ve discussed, interviewing is crucial for evaluating international students. But for this same reason, it’s important to make sure that you have a good game plan for conducting the […]

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How to Prepare for International Student Interviews

by: | February 16, 2017

  The interview with your international student is likely to be the most important and informative part of the student’s application process. And just as the student will be preparing […]

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Interviewing International and Exchange Students: Why It’s Crucial

by: | February 8, 2017

With transcripts, recommendations, essays, and test scores available, it almost seems unnecessary to interview potential students anymore. But when it comes to potential international […]

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