Student Spotlight: Henry He

by: | May 31, 2018

Henry (Yi He) is a junior at Santa Clara High School (SCHS). Last semester, and for a large part of his sophomore year, Henry had been struggling to achieve a good GPA in high school. He has always […]

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Student Spotlight: Grace Yijun Zhao

by: | April 30, 2018

Grace Zhao is a senior at Regina Dominican High School. Grace is an extremely hard-working and devoted Honor Roll student who is always pushing herself to do better. Grace consistently has excellent […]

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Student Spotlight: Bowen Cao

by: | March 30, 2018

Located in snowy Upstate New York is Manlius Pebble Hill School. “MPH” is a small and vibrant school that helps students grow into mature young adults. They combine academics, community, and […]

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Student Spotlight: Cindy Wang

by: | February 28, 2018

Located in the sunshine state of California, and just down the street from Disneyland Resort, is Cornelia Connelly High School. “Cornelia” is a school that fosters an environment for girls to be […]

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Student Spotlight: Christine Zhang

by: | January 26, 2018

Christine Zhang is a senior at Montini Catholic High School.  She is an extremely driven and focused young woman, one who takes her academics very seriously but is also dedicated to being involved […]

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Student Spotlight: Ennis Yu

by: | December 25, 2017

Ennis Yu is a senior at Manlius Pebble Hill School (MPH). Manlius Pebble Hill is a small and vibrant independent school that fosters growth and creativity.  "The MPH Effect" - as they so cleverly […]

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