April 12, 2016

4 Cambridge Partners with Great International Student Sections on Their Websites

Whether schools are looking to develop a new international student program, or ramp up international recruitment for an existing program, it’s important to consider touch-points that international students will have with your school prior to applying.

In-Person Touch-Points for Domestic Students

Campus visits, accepted student days, and in-person interviews

Regular students will have the opportunity to visit your school, explore your campus, interact face-to-face with your school community, and maybe audit a class with current students. During those interactions, students will collect course catalogs, school profiles, and other print materials from admissions officers. In fact, students might visit your school several times before having an in-person interview and submitting their application.

Online Touch-Points for International Students

International student section on your website, school review sites, and social media

With international applicants, all of those in-person, face-to-face interactions are obsolete. However, online resources can imitate in-person experiences. Typically, the first touch-point for an international student, after reviewing translated print materials with their educational agent, is your website. The international student section on your website will be a hub for international applicants, and will also serves to inform the rest of your school community about your international program.

Though some international students visit schools in the U.S. prior to applying and selecting them, a vast majority of them never come to the United States before a few days before the first day of school.

So… does the international student section on your website display relevant information to your international students? Does it give international students a sense of what it’s like to go to your school, and convince international applicants to apply to your school?

Here are four schools in the Cambridge Network with key features on their international student sections on their websites:

Archbishop Murphy High School Everett, WA


✔ Multiple points of contact for Cambridge staff

✔ International student-specific marketing information

 ✔ Translated international student profile

✔ Call-to-action for host families

✔ Easy to navigate

Cambridge Partner, Archbishop Murphy High School is well aware of which factors international families consider when selecting an American high school to attend. The first few lines of content on the site draw attention to “technology, guidance, advanced curriculum and cultural support that prepare international students to matriculate to and thrive at an American University.” Links to relevant sections on the site regarding programs for advanced curricula and technology demonstrate that the school is supportive of international students while at the school. The contact information on the right of the page also paints a picture of support for the international student, giving a face to a name when providing contact information of international program staff.

The best part of this page?  The “where are they now” section on the bottom of the page, demonstrating where former international students are at various top-ranked schools throughout the country. One of the most effective ways to market your school to international students is to show educational outcomes, such as college acceptances and matriculations to top colleges and universities.

Regis Catholic Schools Eau Claire, WI


✔ Contact information for international program staff

✔ Testimonial video from an international student

✔ Call-to-action for host families

✔ Encourages extracurricular participation

✔ Easy to navigate, comprehensive information for international families

Regis Catholic Schools’ site makes it easy for international families to navigate to the international program section of their website, and find out everything about their international student program, from community life and orientation to housing and the admissions process. The easy-to-navigate accordion buttons help families easily navigate the information too.

The testimonial video on the right of the page is a great marketing tool for the school, showing a successful international student talk about her experiences coming to America and how Regis helped her with her transition.

Wichita Collegiate School Wichita, KS


✔ International student-specific marketing information

✔ Translated international student profile

✔ Call-to-action for host families

✔ Certificate of Agency

This school’s international student page includes admissions information and next steps for students from China, Korea and from other countries. Varied admissions processes can be confusing for international students, but this site simplifies the process for students and gives clear, concise direction for international families.

In addition to providing a translated version of their international student school profile, Wichita Collegiate School also provides a link to a pdf of talking points for why the school is a good fit for international students.


Villa Maria Academy Erie, PA


✔ Translated international student profile

✔ Frequently Asked Questions section

✔ Emphasis on academics with International “Scholars” Program

✔ Contact information for The Cambridge Institute

Villa Maria Academy takes their international student program a step further by dubbing it the “International Scholars Program,” conveying a focus on academics and educational rigor. In addition to the translated international student profile and contact information for Cambridge, Villa Maria Academy also includes a Frequently Asked Questions section, which provides a unique and easy way for international parents to view information about the program, including housing, English Language classes, college counseling and extracurricular participation.

Not sure where to start with your website?

Download the International  Student Web Guide for more information about how to market your school to international applicants, and get the word out about your homestay program for students.


CTA international web guide



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