International Educational Services

Expanding human perspectives and global harmony through education

What Matters to Us

  • Serving students, both directly and through consulting with globally-minded partners.
  • Helping people understand each others’ similarities and differences through our programs and services.

 We bring together educators and learners to create greater human understanding born from an in-depth understanding of distinct cultures.”


A family of international education companies

The Cambridge Network encompasses a global family of international education companies that support students, families, schools and colleges. Driven by a common purpose, Cambridge enables people to expand their perspectives through cross-cultural learning.

  • The Cambridge Institute of International Education. International education consultancy that supports high school international student programs throughout the U.S. through ESL, marketing and recruitment programs. Build your international program with us.
  • Gphomestay. Homestay and student dorm management company. We match screened host families with international students, and we develop international boarding facilities. Welcome a student into your home.

Our Mission

Expanding human perspectives and world harmony through education

Students are traveling the world at a record rate in search of an international education. They are fueled by the need to prepare themselves for global citizenship. At Cambridge, we ask ourselves, “What is a global citizen?”

We do not believe vicinity is sufficient for cross-cultural learning. We do not believe that merely coming to the United States is enough for students to succeed. Our programs and services increase people’s understanding of each other, allowing them to cross cultural barriers. This is how Cambridge develops globally competent citizens.


Our leadership includes individuals with extensive experience in advocacy and activism, policy, education and business. They help to ensure we are making progress against our mission. Learn more about the founders and leaders who have built The Cambridge Network.


Our programs