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Cambridge learns of potential security risk, takes action

Cambridge Network, June 6, 2016

The Cambridge Institute of International Education, part of The Cambridge Network, recently learned that certain data on one of our servers was unsecured to outside cyber-attacks and was subjected to breach. The server at issue was created for a special reporting project outside of our normal development cycle. As soon as we learned about the exposure, we immediately shut down the database. As a further protective measure, we changed all passwords on all servers, and changed all ports. At this time, the company is undergoing a thorough investigation of server activity. We are aware that some personally identifiable information was exposed.

Contrary to media reports alleging that records of over half a million international students were contained on the database, we can affirm that the exact number of students is just below 9,000.

We place paramount importance on our students and partners’ privacy. As a result of the notification of the exposure, we are reassessing all of our data security policies and procedures, and will take all necessary steps to elevate security controls to protect any personal identifiable information. In the meantime, as we learn more, we will continue to provide updates on this page. The company will personally notify those individuals affected after our thorough investigation is completed.

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