The Cambridge Mission

Expand human perspectives and global harmony through education

“We bring together educators and learners to  create greater human understanding born from an in-depth understanding of distinct cultures.”

Who is Cambridge and what do we do?

The Cambridge Network and its sister companies are not small operationally – we serve many different audiences with many different needs. Whether it’s a single student that needs tutoring services and a host family match, or a partner school with long-term ambitions of opening a branch campus overseas, The Cambridge Network serves help our partners achieve their goals.

We’ve gathered a list of frequently asked questions about The Cambridge Network and its sister companies.


What is The Cambridge Network?

The Cambridge Network is an umbrella brand that encompasses a global family of international education companies that support students, families, schools and colleges. Driven by a common purpose, Cambridge enables people to expand their perspectives through cross-cultural learning.

What is a sister company?

Sister companies are separate companies with the same ownership. Each of our sister companies offer unique services that serve to support our students from application to graduation. In addition to our students and schools, The Cambridge Network is made up of several sister companies with a common purpose:

  • The Cambridge Institute of International Education. Education consultancy that supports international student programs in high schools throughout the U.S. through ESL, marketing and recruitment programs. Build your international program with us.
  • Gphomestay. Homestay and student dorm management company matching screened host families with international students and developing international boarding facilities throughout the U.S. Welcome a student into your home.
  • KnowedgeLink. Education management and consultancy that partners with academic institutions to design, implement and expand program offerings through short-term exchanges and branch campuses abroad. Become an international visionary partner.


What kinds of services does The Cambridge Network offer?

The Cambridge Network and its sister companies support families, students, schools and colleges in developing international student programs. We ensure that students are successful during their study abroad experience no matter how long they are abroad, though many are here for up to four years at our partner schools throughout the U.S.

We partner with US High Schools to build their brand abroad. After students arrive in the U.S., our collaboration with schools continues in order to support students’ residential and academic life, as well as their overall acculturation. Cambridge also collaborates with schools to extend the reach of international programs, whether it be through developing a branch campus overseas or short-term programs here in the U.S.

To find out how we can support you, check out our services.


Why should I develop a relationship with The Cambridge Network?

The Cambridge Network consists of industry leaders in international student recruitment, housing and program development. We demonstrate our enduring value not just in what we do, but how we do it.

I have seen that many companies offer similar services to what is offered within the Cambridge Network. What makes you different?

Although international education is a burgeoning industry that currently lacks strict regulatory oversight, The Cambridge Network holds itself to higher standards for the services that it provides international students.


How can I learn more about The Cambridge Network?

This website only scratches the surface of what we offer. The best way to learn more about us is to reach out to us directly.

Is there any affiliation between The Cambridge Network and the United Kingdom’s University of Cambridge?

No. We take our name from Cambridge, Massachusetts, world-renowned center for education and home to Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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