May 4, 2018

Academic Services’ College Advance Program Puts a Celebratory Spring in Students’ Steps!

You might be familiar with the old English proverb, “April showers brings May flowers”. For high school seniors April comes with a shower of college offers, and, yes, also a few rejection letters and waitlist options. By the beginning of May, everything seems to come into bloom as students finalize their college decisions.

For Cambridge students in College Advance, an online honors program through Academic Services, this year has brought forth a cascade of good news.

Students received acceptances from highly reputable universities by implementing a diversified strategy in their college application shortlists, applying to both public and private institutions while also adhering to the key College Advance criterion of “good fit”.

These acceptances include UCLA, Boston University, Boston College, University of Washington (Seattle), UC San Diego, Northeastern University, Fordham University, Franklin & Marshall, the California Institute of the Arts, Case Western Reserve and George Washington University, to name but a few.

College Advance is reserved for highly proficient and motivated students, and Cambridge’s lead teacher and curriculum developer for this honors program, Nioucha Bana, ensures that students receive the most relevant, up-to-date information toward their higher education goals. The online program also fosters in-depth critical thinking and advanced writing skills through an independent yet personalized college-style structure. Moreover, students receive practical insight as to what they can anticipate in their first year of college, giving them a holistic skill-set as they transition out of high school.

College Advance, which enters its 5th year this fall, will continue to guide students in creating effective college application shortlists and college essays and strengthening university-level academic skills while keeping a close eye on developments and trends in higher education and college admissions.

Academic Services (A.S.) has been working hard to carry over this kind of success by using College Advance as a template for its upcoming 2018-19 online programs. Together with their Cambridge curriculum developers and teachers, the A.S. team has revamped its online courses to better target the academic, cultural and practical needs of our international students at each level (Grades 9 -12). As a result, A.S. has created new programs such as College Pathway 1 and 2,which will more closely mirror the content and objectives found in their sister honors program, College Advance.

In addition, Sarah Guo, A.S. Senior Manager of Tutoring Services, has done an exemplary job of connecting students with specific subject-related needs to outstanding, experienced tutors who can offer our personalized academic support to students of all skill levels and help them achieve their academic goals.

The A.S. team strives for continued excellence and diversified programs to meet the ongoing requirements and changing academic landscape of its international students. It is this level of dedication that differentiates Cambridge Network from other providers in the international secondary education field.

For more information about all of our Academic Services programs please contact us at: [email protected]

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