May 17, 2017

Cambridge Network to Present at LLI New England’s Emotional Learning Conference

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Cambridge Network is scheduled to present at Lausanne Collaborative & Learning Institute’s inaugural LLI New England Emotional Learning Conference next month. The conference, which will be held at Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, and run on June 19 and 20, will bring together educators from across the region for professional development on strategies to facilitate social and emotional learning in high school students.

“The Lausanne Learning Institute believes that social and emotional learning (SEL) is the foundation of any student-centered learning strategy, ensuring a safe and responsive space for learners to work together toward a common goal. LLI New England is the first step in making SEL a higher priority throughout the country, and we hope this space creates ideas and connections that improve emotional learning in all schools,” says Seth Burgess, Director of the Lausanne Learning Institute.

If you have not yet registered for the conference, use the promo code “mindful” to receive a discounted price for individual registration.

Cambridge Network will present on the following topics:

“Supporting International Students: From Culture Shock to Integration and Adaptation”

Monday June 19th, 2017 10:30AM

Emotional learning takes on added significance for international students from non-English-speaking countries pursuing education in high schools in the United States. This workshop will provide practical insights into how communities around international students, comprising of schools, host families and peers, can support the students emotionally and help them adapt successfully to the new environment.

“Unconference: Addressing Misconceptions of New International Students in U.S. High Schools”

Monday June 19th, 2017 2:30PM

International students, especially those coming from Asian cultures, may have misconceptions about lifestyles and academics in the United States. For example, “American education is relaxing, full of fun, not exam-oriented,” or “My kid is young, so he/she can adapt to new environment very quickly.” The misconceptions are typically based on factors such as exposure to pop culture images, preconceived notions and even prior visits to the U.S. as tourists. Presenters will introduce common misconceptions and their implications for new students as they deal with misaligned expectations. Presenters will invite attendees to share their own experiences and ideas on effective strategies to address misconceptions and help students adjust emotionally to achieve success in school.

Our Presenters:

Cambridge Network will have two presenters at the LLI conference: Maura Pfeifer, Senior Manager of Regional Operations, and Sarah Guo, Senior Manager of Tutoring Services.

Maura Pfeifer brings a cultivated sense of international education to Cambridge Network, having worked and studied abroad as an adult for nearly a decade. During that time, she taught English at a Japanese Middle School, served as the Curriculum Leader for a South Korean English Village, managed EF’s largest kids and teens language center in Shanghai, and taught global communication skills to the Japanese employees of a major, multinational pharmaceutical company. She holds an MA in Cross Cultural Communication and Applied Linguistics from Newcastle University in England and speaks Japanese, Korean and Mandarin to varying degrees of proficiency. Maura has also spoken worldwide on topics related to TESOL, communicative competence and gamification in learning.

Sarah Guo graduated from Boston University with her Master’s degree in Education, specializing in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. She was a high school teacher for more than 16 years in Shanghai, China, and has coauthored four books for middle school and high school students and published several articles on education and teaching strategies. Passionate about language teaching, research and cross-cultural education, Sarah enjoys working with international students and ensuring they benefit from solid academic advising and support services.

Cambridge Network’s mission is to mold young international students into the best version of themselves and create a successful “global citizen.” By promoting various teaching methods and cross-cultural learning at the LLI New England conference, Cambridge Network hopes to bring attention to the arduous integration process that international students experience during their education abroad.



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