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We provide the opportunity for invaluable cross-cultural learning.

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Study in America at a U.S. High School

Cambridge is the international education partner of more US schools and universities than any other organization. An increasingly powerful voice in international education, Cambridge builds international student programs throughout the U.S. and supports students in achieving their higher education goals.

  • 250+ high school partner schools in 39 states
  • English language classes and one-on-one tutoring at some partner schools
  • Acculturation and mediation specialists available 24/7
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Experience American life in a Homestay Program

Your American experience is about so much more than the classes you take. It’s about the places you visit, the foods you try and the lifelong friendships you make. Make your experience unforgettable by living with a gphomestay family.

  • 200+ homestay programs throughout the U.S.
  • Support from local staff members throughout the year
  • Events and activities throughout the year
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